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Wufoo is the campus's easy to use form-handler. Each department (defined by OU Campus folders) shares a single Wufoo account across users who need to create and manage forms. All Wufoo users should be passingly familar with the interworkings of OU Campus. Depending on your department's needs, Wufoo may or may not be a good option for collecting user data. Other possible data-collection options are: DocuSign , Qualtrics, and OnBase.

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Wufoo Functionality:

  • Less work: Does another department already have a form made that your department needs? Just duplicate and edit it!
  • Live updates: As soon as you edit your form, the changes will show up live on your site!
  • Smarter forms: Perfect for general questions! Wufoo can direct form responses to different emails or even show more options all based on user responses!
  • Mobile-friendly: Wufoo offers a clean, accessible template that is reactive to different devices.
  • Analytics: Wufoo collects analytic information about how a form is interacted wiith.

Wufoo Rules

  1. Never directly link to a Wufoo form! All Wufoo forms must be embedded in a campus webpage to keep consistent branding and to not have forms be misinterpreted as a phishing attempt. Learn how to Embed Wufoo on OU Campus.
  2. Follow Form Naming Conventions.
  3. Never collect sensitive data, like SSN's, within a Wufoo form! If you are not sure of the data classification that you are requesting for - review the Data Classification Standards before creating your form. If you need to request Level 2 or higher data, please contact so we can suggest alternatives for hosting your form.
  4. Do not integrate DocuSign in Wufoo! 

    Wufoo recently added in a docusign integration to Wufoo. This linking of products is not supported by the CSUSM Wufoo or DocuSign teams and do not encourage the process as it does not really save any time or resources. 

    • If you need multiple user signatures: then we recommend using DocuSign only.
    • If you need a single user’s signature: then we recommend using Qualtrics.

Learn about basic Wufoo form functionality and find helpful guides on each topic.

Wufoo Basic Guides:

Section Overview
Naming Forms How to name your form(s).
Adding Form Fields How to add fields to a form.
Learning about Form Fields  Learn about what each form field does and what instances they might be useful in.
Form Settings How to customize your form settings.
Adding Form Rules  Want your form to be reactive to user inputs or email different groups based on responses? Set that up in the Form Rules.
Setting Up Notifications How to set up/change to be notified of new form responses by email
Embedding Wufoo on OU Campus How to post your form within OU Campus.
Adding a Form Password Need to password-protect your form? Learn how to apply privacy settings to your forms
Accessing the Entry Manager How to review your entries and edit responses.
Extracting Form Entries  How to export responses to an excel document.

Wufoo Advanced Guides

Section Overview
Prefilled Forms You can create a pre-filled form customized to each responder with Wufoo and Wufood.
Report Builder The Report Builder allows you to analyze, visualize and share the data collected by your Wufoo forms.
Widget Manager

When you create a report, it’s nice to be able to drive home the significance of specific pieces of data. While tabular data is great, you may want to provide summary data, charts or graphs to help your users grasp the deeper meaning behind a particular field.

This is where widgets in Wufoo come in. A widget is a visual element which, when added to a report, helps visualize / organize the data for a particular field.