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Search Keymatches (Promotions)

A Keymatch associates a specific term with a particular result, enabling you to direct users to a result that is especially relevant but that might not appear at the top of the results page.

The Web Group maintains a list of keymatches. If you would like to improve the ranking of a specific page, submit a request via the form below.

Keymatch Request Form

This is a required field. Name (first/last)
This is a required field. Email
Reason for request (short description why this page needs to get promoted)
This is a required field. URL (address of the webpage to which you want to direct your users)
This is a required field. Search term(s) (terms that trigger the keymatch, separated by comma, not case sensitive, max 500 characters)
Expiration date (keymatch will be removed on date indicated, leave blank if keymatch doesn't expire)