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OU Campus Satisfaction Survey 2017 Report

THANK YOU to the 90 people who completed the survey!

Survey period:  Dec. 1, 2017 to Dec. 15, 2017

Responses: Sixty-one (22%) of our active users provided survey feedback (90 total responses -- twenty-nine were from users that have never logged into OU Campus, but provided additional comments)

Summary of Results

Satisfied With OU Campus Product

Overall, participants indicated satisfaction with the CSUSM OU Campus product. However, there were a significant number of "unsure" responses. The data and comments lead us to connect this uncertainty in the product to a lack of awareness of features and functionality as a result of no formal training and ineffective communication of the product features.

OU Campus Preferred Over Cascade

Those that had prior Cascade experience indicated that OU Campus is easier to use and OU Campus was preferred over Cascade. However, participants did not see a significant difference in features and functionality (again, we chalk this up to most participants being unaware of the available snippets and gadgets within OU Campus).

Highs and Lows

Positive Responses:

  • "Edit this Page" footer links for quick editing mode access.
  • The publishing process/method
  • File upload options/method
  • Web Team email, phone, and in-person support
  • Quickstart and features guides
    Positive responses, but with low percentage of use

Negative Responses:

  • "Check in/out" option for page authoring.
    This rating went from positive to negative with increased fequency of usage.
  • Lack of formal training
  • Removal of styling options available

Web Team Next Steps

We appreciate the time and thoughtful comments provided by our survey participants and the following is a list of actions we plan on taking to address some of the take-aways of the survey results. 

  • DONE: Provide formal training on how to use OU Campus at CSUSM.
      • The first two sessions were conducted on 12/19/17 and 12/20/17 and we intend to provide on-going workshops each month.
      • Specialized training topics will be assessed over time as training feedback is received and new features are released.
  • DONE: Follow-up on these results with survey participants and determine methods to communicate more effectively and better understand some of their needs or frustrations.
  • IN-PROGRESS: Communicate the many features provided by OU Campus, and the new developments of the Web Team, so our users understand what is available to them. Communication plan needs development.
  • DONE: Look into the user roles and abilities again to see if more flexibility and capabilities can be opened up.
  • DONE: Copy over more of the www site features to the faculty site
  • IN-PROGRESS: Provide “best practices” and demonstration pages for enhanced design to show official style guides, available self-service snippets, and Web Team assisted (high-profile) template options.